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    Why Continental Opts for Streaming its Balance Sheet Press Conference

    The car supplier Continental 2015 celebrated a premiere on the DAX: for the first time ever,  a stock-listed company exclusively presented its business figures virtually online. The interactive video transmission was enthusiastically received.  In this very hectic phase of the year, analysts and journalists were able to follow the presentation of figures comfortably from their desks.


    Journalists have less time and money for personal contacts and travel

    For Continental, the step had practical reasons, as well: the beginning of the year, with the Geneva Motor Show and other fairs, is a very busy time.  However, a Conti-commisioned Infas study played a role in the decision.  Journalists have less and less time and budget for personal contacts and business travel. At the same time, they need to deal with as many exclusive topics as possible.  An annual press conference produces very little opportunity for exclusive stories.  Therefore, Conti offers telephone background discussions with the board regarding quarterly figures and organizes tech shows and media barbecues.

    DAX corporations are still focusing events

    Even if no other DAX company has followed Conti’s lead so far, Conti’s decision to stream its annual figures conference is a  development that has been followed very attentively. The attendance figures for balance sheet press conferences are declining overall. Most corporations, however, want to start with a presence event. In addition, the press conferences are transmitted online.

    January 30, 2016
    January 30, 2016