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    Why Webcasting Is More Important Than Ever in a Post MiFID II World

    With the consequences of MiFID II including cutbacks in sell-side analyst coverage particularly on small and mid-cap stocks, companies can no longer rely on analysts to tell their equity story.

    IROs now need to shift to being ever more proactive, bridging the gap left by the lack of analyst coverage and broker support and looking at the different digital distribution channels that could help promote their investor engagement.

    As a company you will need to think about how to utilise resources and solutions to attract investor attention and how to better communicate to the investment community, making it easier for both the sell side and the buy side to follow your company.

    The key is also understanding how best to leverage digital solutions to enhance your IR activities and picking the right tools to best communicate your equity story without breaking the bank. In this blog post we focus on how best to use webcasting technology.

    Amplifying Your Visibility to the Investment Community

    One of the most cost-effective ways for providing engaging content is webcasting your financial events. An audio webcast can provide a good opportunity to test this technology. Simple in terms of set-up and the end result allows for wider reach of your financial results, adding an extra layer of interactivity for investors who are able to join live or listen to the recorded version.

    The webcast player can be customised to your company branding acting as a platform to showcase your company’s developments. User statistics can be gathered via a registration page giving you information about those joining.

    Participants also have the opportunity to ask the management questions, just like at any other live event, either via the webcast Q&A facility, or a conference call, giving them a voice.

    The added benefit of webcasting your results is having an on-demand version (recording) of the webcast which can be made available following the live event providing valuable content for key stakeholders to view at a later stage. On-demand viewers can choose when and which parts of the webcast they want to watch.


    Webcasts add an extra layer of interactivity for investors who are able to join the announcements of your financial results live or to listen to the recorded version.

    Going That Step Further with Video Webcasts

    Opting for a video webcast adds another level of interactivity. Live streaming the speaker giving their presentation, allows the board to personally address their investors – regardless of where they are at the time of broadcast. Viewers also have the opportunity to ask questions, make comments, and receive answers from the company. As a result, webcasts offer remote participants an easy and user-friendly way to interact with your company and management.

    Capital Markets and Investor Days

    Engaging with the investment community is key for any listed company. Investor/Capital markets days provide a great opportunity for investors to gain a much deeper understanding of your company and your strategic goals.

    As well as your results presentations, webcasting your investor/capital market days provides an effective way to reach a broader audience, providing simultaneous access to information, without geographical limitations. Utilising the latest technology brings your event to life, with live video content and synchronised slides via one easy to use interface.

    EQS Webcasts can provide you with a cost-effective way to reach a broader audience and push out valuable content to the investment community. To find out more please contact our webcasting team.

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    September 11, 2019
    September 11, 2019