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    These Digital Annual Reports Have Won an Award This Year

    For the last 15 years, we have been producing digital business and sustainability reports for our customers. We place great emphasis on creating value for readers through interactive elements and user-friendly functionality. This concept made us pioneers and helped shaped the industry.

    The two largest international competitions for annual reports are the LACP Vision Award and the ARC Award. More than 1,000 reports from companies around the world competed and were judged by the respective juries. EQS reports are among the winners every year.

    What are our highlights of the 2017 reporting season? Click here to learn more.

    Several reports from the 2016 reporting season also received awards. A total of 16 of our projects can be found among the winners. We’re very proud of this achievement and how it positively reflects on our work and creative input. Three reports even received the highest awards of the respective competitions: those of China Unicom (LACP Platinum), the Russian airlines Aeroflot Group (LACP Platinum) and China Telecom (ARC Gold).

    Here is the overview of all of EQS’s award-winning reports:

    Aeroflot Annual Report 2016 Aeroflot Group PJSC (Russia) 1 x LACP Platinum
    ANTA Sports Annual Report 2016 ANTA Sports (Hong Kong) 1 x LACP Silver
    Bertelsmann Annual Report 2016 Bertelsmann SE (Germany) 1 x LACP Gold
    BMW Group Annual Report 2016 BMW Group (Germany) 1 x LACP Gold

    1 x ARC Silver

    China Telecom Annual Report 2016 China Telecom (Hong Kong) 2 x LACP Silver, 1x LACP Bronze

    1 x ARC Gold, 1 x ARC Silver, 2 x ARC Bronze

    China Unicom Annual Report 2016 China Unicom (Hong Kong) 1 x LACP Platinum, 2 x LACP Gold, 1 x LACP Silver

    1 x ARC Honors

    Citic Limited Annual Report 2016 CITIC Limited (Hong Kong) 1 x LACP Silver

    1 x ARC Honors

    Deutsche Boerse Annual Report 2016 Deutsche Boerse Group (Germany) 1 x LACP Silver
    Geberit Annual Report 2016 Geberit AG (Switzerland) 1 x LACP Gold

    1 x ARC Silver

    Hannover Re Annual Report 2016 Hannover Re (Germany) 1 x LACP Silver

    1 x ARC Silver

    HMS Group Annual Report 2016 HMS Group PJSC (Russia) 1 x ARC Honors
    Jungheinrich Annual Report 2016 Jungheinrich AG (Germany) 1 x ARC Silver
    Megafon Annual Report 2016 MegaFon PJSC (Russia) 1 x LACP Gold

    1 x ARC Silver

    Pacific Basin Annual Report 2016 Pacific Basin Shipping Limited (Hong Kong) 1 x LACP Gold
    Rostelecom Annual Report 2016 Rostelecom PSCJ (Russia) 1 x ARC Bronze
    Uralkali Annual Report 2016 Uralkali PJSC (Russia) 1 x LACP Silver

    1 x ARC Bronze

    Please note that some reports have received awards in multiple categories.

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    August 30, 2017
    August 30, 2017