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    The 2016/2017 Digital Report Season

    Printed annual reports have made way for their digital counterpart, making the reporting season a busy one for EQS. In 2016/2017, more than 64 EQS colleagues throughout the world dedicated themselves to creatively and technologically translating the ideas and requirements of our customers into digital reality. This year our project managers, developers, designers and content managers have worked over 7,150 hours on digital reports across different corners of the globe - and the Russian and Asian reporting seasons aren’t over yet!

    Bespoke digital reports for each and every customer

    We tailor our products for every client’s need, business scope, budget, and time frame:

    Premium HTML implementation of the entire annual report

    The Bertelsmann AG annual report is a perfect case study. In addition to responsive HTML implementation of imagery, all elements of the financial report are also digitally implemented for maximum visual and navigation effects. The extensive HTML version has the advantage, among other things, of making all content accessible on search engines. In addition, HTML content can be better prepared for the web and reduces constraints.

    2016 Annual Report Bertelsmann

    Have a look at the Bertelsmann report here.

    Another recent example is the Hannover Re SE digital annual report.

    Extensive HTML-to-PDF implementation

    In this relatively recent type of business report, a printable PDF file is automatically generated from the HTML content, saving expenses for large print versions and streamlining overall processes. Geberit has been publishing the HTML-to-PDF version of the annual report for several years. This year, we developed the QuickAnalyzer tool together with Geberit.

    2016 Annual Report GeberitYou can see the Geberit report here.

    This annual report also showcases a robust and comprehensive integrated Sustainability section. To learn more about ESG reporting download our Whitepaper.

    Further examples of HTML-to-PDF reports include the annual reports of Aixtron and Technotrans.

    Hybrid interim solution for extensive images and concentrated financials

    For many customers, "out of the ordinary imagery" is crucial for a memorable user experience.  They focus on extensive and sophisticated animations as image carriers. The most important financial information of the report is summarized, and more detailed information and data can be stored as a PDF, or Excel download, for ease-of-use.

    A great example of this type of report is the report created by digital report pioneer, BMW Group. Year after year, BMW wins international awards, thanks to its innovative and sophisticated web design and dedication to integrating new solutions.

    2016 Annual Report BMW

    Effective OnePager solutions

    The use of Flash browser plugins has been dwindling for years.  Security gaps have left many customers fatigued and ready to replace this faulty technology. The so-called One-Pager report is a suitable and up-to-date alternative to outdated plugins: an independent web presence with its own URL which brings the highlights of the financial year into sharp focus. The One-Pager can be created quickly, accurately, and linked to several PDFs.

    In addition to our own EQS annual report, EQS customer Jungheinrich also relies on the lean and effective OnePager report. 

    These are four different ways of reporting. The decision of which to use bases on our customers individual budgets, time frames and of course reporting goals.

    Desktop still beats mobile

    Even though reports remain a document read more on desktops than on mobile devices, it is essential that digital reports function without hitches on smart devices. If, for reasons of time and budget, an elaborate smartphone variant such as Bertelsmann’s is out of the question, a compressed version can also be an effective tool to let your audience access necessary content in a simplified manner.  The compressed version contains the most important content elements, consisting of the preface of the management board, and the management report.

    Different market requirements around the world - yet constant quality

    Although market requirements are different around the globe, EQS offers consistent reporting quality to all of its customers.  The number of international reports we have produced continues to grow, with 18 international reports produced for customers outside of Germany this year alone.  Our customers include global players such as China Telecom, China Unicom, Sberbank, and Aeroflot. For every size and requirement, EQS dedicates in using its technology to create the best solution for every client. For now, let’s see what the next season brings – as they say,  “after the report is before the report.”

    June 16, 2017
    June 16, 2017