With annual results season around the corner, our Hong Kong team co-hosted a casual sharing and networking night with the Hong Kong Investor Relations Association (HKIRA). The event was well-attended by more than 30 listed company representatives, and we were honored to have Mr. Bruce Chik, Senior IR Manager of ANTA Sports Products Limited (2020.HK), to give his valuable sharing on how the company has leveraged technology to amplify their annual results.

The “1-minute rule”

Mr. Chik has emphasized the “1-minute rule” (一分鐘讀懂) by highlighting how information is consumed in nowadays fast-paced society. There is limited to no time for overly exhaustive information, especially with many result announcements happening over the short period of time; the vast majority of stakeholders have very little patience to study financial information that is not curated or visually compelling. Therefore, Mr. Chik strongly believes that a stakeholder, be it external or internal, should be informed in a smarter way – a way that allows them to grasp key info within a minute of their valuable time.

News Distribution

Mr. Stefan Morgenweck, Asia Pacific Sales Director of EQS Group, also clarified differences between distributing earnings news via journalists versus via newswire. He emphasized that these two methods of getting company news out to a wider audience should be viewed as complementary but not as substitutes. Oftentimes, companies and/or their PR agencies have both methods in place as part of a mix communication strategy: with newswire, a company’s message is conveyed exactly the way it was intended – timely and without being altered; while with journalists, opinions may be included to offer a different perspective or interpretation.  The easiest approach to carry out this mix communication strategy is to use just one platform to send the same message directly to your catered list of journalists and investors, the media, professional financial terminals and portals, and also to the company’s very own website. Mr. Morgenweck demonstrated that this can be done via the EQS Cockpit platform by a few clicks.

Cross Channel Communication

Mr. Chik added that to have information go live via all kinds of medium and channels at the same time, ANTA Sports published their financial results via a digital report (an interactive web version of an annual report) on the same day when their results announcement event was live-streaming via webcast. With these two tools, ANTA Sports widen their investor outreach with the help of digital IR technology. Such a communication strategy pays off in the eyes of Mr. Chik, as he explained whilst being busy in the past with answering plenty of repetitive questions from investors, the IR department now saves precious time because key facts and figures are now easily communicated via the Digital Report, while many frequently asked questions are now covered within the Live Webcast’s Q&A session – and both of these will always be available on the internet with the help of digital IR technology.

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