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    Live Audio Webcasts - No Mistakes Allowed

    November 10, 2016 is a day our colleague Daniel Bonk won’t forget very soon. On that day, Daniel and his team worked on 20 audio webcasts - 8 of them simultaneously! That thursday set an EQS record for webcasts, as did the year 2016, with 412 webcasts in total. And the 2017 webcast season is already in full swing; it’s fair to say that our audio webcasts are in demand.

    The Thrill of Broadcasting Live

    The most frequent occasion for live audio webcasts is publication of quarterly or annual figures. IR managers and the executives who are presenting have enough stress during this time. They certainly don’t need any mistakes happening during their live event.

    We find that after a smooth first webcast, EQS and our customers enter into a long collaboration. Some companies have trusted us with their webcasts for over 15 years. "Live broadcasting is a highly charged situation because everything has to work smoothly from the get go," says Daniel Bonk. “But that’s exactly what is so exciting for our team."

    Daniel Bonk

    Daniel Bonk

    Live, Attended Events Streamed Worldwide

    Irrespective of the venue - whether Germany, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, anywhere - we stream analysts conferences and financial results press conferences, via Munich, to the world. In our Munich "command center”, our Client Services team ensures that everything runs smoothly. Is it a fun job? “Absolutely” says Daniel Bonk, “because broadcasting financial results is one of the most important events for our customers every year. To support them in this vital task is incredibly rewarding.”

    That's Why Audio Webcasts Are Popular:

    • Persuasive and professional presentation of financial results in telephone conferences with analysts and investors
    • Replace costly attended events for all involved.
    • Fair disclosure: private investors, if not actively participating in the call, can still listen live. They receive all information simultaneously with analysts and institutional investors.
    • Reach a broader audience than with an attended event —- with considerably lower costs.
    • Annual general meetings and financial results press conferences can also be streamed via webcast.
    • The live webcast and the on-demand version, which can be integrated into the company's website, is an attractive service for stakeholders.

    Our Full Service Spectrum

    We can also organize your entire event. Our customers benefit from having one contact - whether it is coordinating with the telco, integrating the presentation or making the recording available post-broadcast. Customers benefit even more if EQS also manages their IR website. From announcing or modifying release dates to integrating the on-demand recordings into the website, EQS automates the process quickly and efficiently while minimizing sources of error. We also broadcast live attended events via webcast. We supply the required technology (telephone hybrid) in addition to professional technical support.

    Learn more about EQS Group’s Audio Webcast services here. 

    April 03, 2017
    April 03, 2017