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    Video: Key Takeaways from the Whistleblowing Report 2019

    Take a look at some key findings of the Whistleblowing Report 2019.


    The recently published Whistleblowing Report 2019 is a comprehensive study on whistleblowing in European companies, conducted by the University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur and EQS Group. Within the scope of the study around 1400 companies in Germany, France, Great Britain and Switzerland shared their experiences surrounding illegal and unethical actions in their ranks and the measures that were taken against misconduct. In the interview, Prof. Dr. Christian Hauser (HTW Chur) comments on several key takeaways from the study.

    Why Do Companies Implement Whistleblowing Systems?


    How Relevant and Useful Are Incoming Reports?


    How Well Are Companies Prepared for the EU Obligation to Implement Reporting Channels?


    Does the Study Show That Companies in France Are Already Obliged to Implement Whistleblowing Systems?

    To learn more read the complete Whistleblowing Report 2019.

    CTA Whistleblowing Report 2019




    Whistleblowing Report 2019: The Most Important Facts at a Glance (Infografic)Whistleblowing-Report-2019_Infografic_EN

    Christian_Hauser_Guest-authorAbout Prof. Dr. Christian Hauser

    Christian Hauser is Professor of General Business Administration and International Management at the Swiss Institute for Entrepreneurship at the University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur. His research interests include corruption prevention, business integrity, international entrepreneurship, corporate governance, SME promotion and private sector development.


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    May 22, 2019
    May 22, 2019