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    How to Communicate Your Annual Results to Investors and the Media

    The increasing regulation and globalization of financial markets is the greatest investor relations challenge for 2019. When communicating annual results IR managers should adopt digital tools to automate workflows and minimize risk.


    The New Year has only just begun, but investor relations departments are already working at top speed. The task? Taking stock of the past financial year.

    The key is active communication with all existing and potential investors worldwide. This is a Herculean task that demands efficient solutions. Especially when staff resources and budget are limited.

    Digital Annual Report: Interactive, Authentic and Direct

    The digital annual report is considered best practice in the field of annual reporting. Interactive content such as key financials analyzers, performance calculators, intelligent search functions and links to external sources for further information provide users with a variety of features unavailable in a printed report. Digital annual reports can also integrate videos: a useful tool when reaching out directly and authentically to stakeholders.

    Geberit-Screens-on-devicesDigital reports, such as the Geberit Integrated Annual Report 2017, provide users with a variety of interactive features.

    From Newswire to Social Media: Distribution of Results Across All Major Communication Channels

    Using newswires to distribute annual reports digitally is now the norm. This ensures the news reaches the most important news agencies, financial portals and business databases simultaneously and thus the broadest audience. Internal distribution lists, of investors for example, should of course also receive announcements.

    IR-Website-SixtSIXT is a great example when it comes to interactive and informative IR websites.

    At the same time don’t miss other communication channels, from Twitter and Facebook to the company's own IR website, which plays a central role in communication with investors. Updating is simple, automated and straightforward with a single platform that maps all IR workflows. The latest company news not only appears in the newsfeed, but can for example also be displayed in the stock chart.

    Webcast for Live-Event Communication with Stakeholders

    A webcast provides information direct from source, therefore ensuring transparent and simultaneous communication to all stakeholders. Participants have the opportunity to ask questions directly to the management, just like at any other live event. This creates trust.

    EQS Blog_Webcast Allianz-1Allianz SE uses webcasts to showcase its results at the Annual General Meeting. 

    Additionally an on-demand version of the webcast can be made available following the live event. Stakeholders in other time zones, for example, don’t need to wake up in the middle of the night for a live broadcast, but can watch the webcast at their leisure via a web link.

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    February 20, 2019
    February 20, 2019