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    Quite often, a start-up’s communications end only a few months after they have begun. The enthusiastic young enterprise, with goals of changing the world, will suddenly fall silent. Though often the case, lack of sufficient funds or bankruptcy are not the sole reasons for these lulls in communication.

    PR is a marathon - not a sprint

    The start-up often loses track of its messaging, which may have been clear and obvious at the company’s inception, but which requires increasing efforts to sustain with time. Perhaps, due to few successes to showcase, or new customers who are unwilling to have their names mentioned, communications efforts often crumble. Not doing one’s “communication homework” leads to a loss of a core message at a time when momentum should be building. Often, content planning — which clearly defines topics, when they should be published, and in what format —  falls by the wayside. The goal, after all, is to communicate continuously and not just in the short term. The PR marathon needs preparation, and a clear strategy.

    Figures, data and facts

    Figures, data, and facts are the optimal bases for this endurance race. Ideally, companies should evaluate their data carefully, consequently creating a strong foundation for both their business, as well as for their communications. This information underlines insights, confirms or disproves a course of action, and shows trends and developments. Journalists, in turn, will be happy to receive this valid data, which bolsters the company’s relevance. It is vital to illustrate data with compelling images or infographics. When thoughtfully prepared and presented, this information becomes significantly more interesting and memorable.

    Looking at the big picture

    As important as your own company’s news is (financing rounds, new products / services, orders, etc.), one must also look at the big picture. Ideally, not only have you turned your idea into a great company, but you are also an expert in your target market. Write short, content-rich press releases and statements. Provide your expertise to journalists, and position yourself as an expert and opinion leader. This is an ideal manner to create a sustainable media presence.

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    July 14, 2017
    July 14, 2017