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    How Mobile is Your Online Business Report?

    Regardless of where you are – the bus, subway, or at a traffic light – you see the same thing: people on their smartphones surfing the net, chatting or accessing information on their mobile devices. For companies, optimising web content for mobility is an absolute must. Google’s April 2015 "Mobile Friendly Ranking Factor Update” confirms that websites which have optimised their content for mobile devices enjoy preferred ranking in searches conducted by users on mobile devices.

    hannover_reResponsive Online report for Hannover Re

    Responsive Online report for Hannover Re

    How mobile must online business reports be?

    HTML reports have long been established in business reporting – even though it is still the exception rather than the rule to design them from the ground up as an online publication. Almost 60% of DAX and MDAX companies with HTML reports rely on a responsive design concept which is optimised for tablets, in particular. Although a more complex step, it is much more comfortable for users: pictures, navigation and texts adapt to the respective screen size.

    The cross-format is practical and offers real added value to companies’ shareholders when companies present:

    • Interactive charts
    • Videos
    • Excel downloads
    • Interactive elements such as key figure comparisons

    Short and sweet on the smartphone

    How to make a report, which in printed form may have be several hundred pages long, legible and responsive on a smartphone screen? By providing the user with target group specific content. For example, Hannover Re’s Iphone-optimised version offers highlights and key figures for the financial year in a brief, concise and user-friendly format. Appendices and extensive charts and table are completely dispensed with.


    A mobile version for annual reports is indispensable. Users are offered a responsive design concept, optimised for tablets in particular with an additional, optimised and shortened version for smartphones.

    November 12, 2015
    November 12, 2015