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    How Delivery Hero, Vapiano and Noratis Have Fulfilled the IPO Requirements

    For a long time, little has occurred on the floatation front in Germany – now, however, three IPOs have taken place: With Delivery Hero, the restaurants chain Vapiano and the portfolio developer Noratis, within a few days, a trio of companies took the decision to launch on the stock market, and therefore enhanced the IPO footprint of the first half of the year which had, until then, recorded its weakest run since the year 2012. A bit of good news for us: All three companies are using solutions from the EQS Group.

    The IPO of the food delivery service Delivery Hero fulfilled every expectation. The demand of investors was considerably higher than the supply, the price range therefore proved to be correct, and it was possible to raise almost one billion Euros. This made Delivery Hero worth almost 4.4 billion Euros on its floatation, making it one of the “Unicorns”. This is the name given to young start-up companies which achieve a value of over a billion Euros on the going public.


    Ringing the Bell as a symbol for a successful IPO

    Approaching things with caution when launching on the stock market

    It goes without saying that floating on the stock market is a special day for a company. Despite all of the upheavals, nothing should therefore go awry. Vapiano, Noratis and Delivery Hero therefore made use of our news and disclosure service for the completion of their reporting requirements – the same as all prime standard IPOs in Germany since 2008. The series demonstrates that new companies to float on the stock market appreciate being able to use a service with which they are able to track their transparency requirements on an efficient and legally secure basis.

    To make sure things stay this way in the future, we are in a continuous discussion with the regulatory authorities and develop our central platform, the EQS COCKPIT, on a continuous basis all the time with the goal of making the work of our customers easier and more secure.

    Support and efficient solutions

    In addition to the fulfilment of the reporting obligations, during a going public, the IR departments are faced with many additional challenges in the world of digital investor relations. This always includes an IR website on which the investors can find all of the relevant information and where the equity story is presented. Delivery Hero and Vapiano also made use of our solution in this area: with the IR WEBSITE they gained a reliable and high quality solution which automates a variety of complex processes and therefore makes the work of the IR managers easier.

    More companies are ready to float

    Three IPOs in Germany in just one week is something of an exceptional situation with which we were pleased to assist. This is because we are able to make use of established work-flows and a considerable amount of experience. Our newsroom team, for instance, stays calm and focused if things get a little hectic in the run-up to an IPO. With the most recent trio of IPOs, it therefore proved possible to ensure that everything ran smoothly.

    Is the IPO market in Germany finally awakening from its slumber? With its multi-billion IPO, it is possible that Delivery Hero may have broken the ice and given executives at additional companies added confidence. There are several for the stock market, for example, Siemens ‘Healthineers’ medical technology line. We are ready and are looking forward to welcoming the next new public issuers!

    July 11, 2017
    July 11, 2017