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    How BMW Group Achieved Excellence in Digital Reporting

    Annual reports have informed shareholders and other interested parties about companies’ activities and financial performance for decades. Today, they are evolving beyond the printed publication as interactive online reports, engaging investors as never before. A prime example is BMW Group’s interactive annual report which was awarded the Grand ARC Award 2016. With this digital milestone, a new age of annual reporting has begun.

    The BMW Group is one of the world’s leading premium manufacturers of automobiles and motorcycles with its brands BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce. The interactive annual report reflects BMW Group’s strategic approach: leveraging innovative technologies, digitization and sustainability to deliver unique customer experiences. Special features and state-of-the-art web development of the digital interactive report represent the “driving pleasure” experienced with BMW Group’s quality products.

    Features and eye-catchers make the report special

    The report comes with the slogan “How we look into the future” and indeed shows the latest trends in design and development, not only in terms of mobility but also digitization. Many technical refinements and a dedication to detail make this report an extraordinary feast for the eyes and create a passion to explore the company’s activities.


    BMW Annual Report 2015

    One of the absolute eye-catchers is the parallax gyroscope effect, which changes the way we physically interact with our devices. It turns the screen into a glass plate behind which users can see a three-dimensional world that tilts and shifts alongside the device itself. With the gyroscope effect, the movement takes place on various levels, giving the user even more the feeling of participating within the scene. The user can create this illusion through mouse movement on the desktop version of the report or by rotating the mobile device around any of the three angles of motion as the annual report is also optimized for tablets.

    Another spectacular feature is the integration of a variety of media contents such as image galleries, videos and animations. A full-screen video with a dynamic overlay gives the user the feeling of driving the MINI itself, being able to receive further information through using the interactive menu. Several animations and infographics allow visitors to gain deeper knowledge of BMW in an entertaining and dynamic way. Furthermore, special scrolling and background effects give the user the feeling of constant motion within the online report.


    BMW Annual Report 2015 

    All in all, one can say that the slogan “driving pleasure” is absolutely applicable to the BMW Group’s interactive annual report. The user experiences a new way of motion on every page of the report, be it the parallax effect within several pictures or the clickable infographics throughout the report.

    Honored with the highest distinction

    EQS Group was honored with the Grand ARC Award in the category "Interactive Annual Report International" by the 2016 ARC Awards International for implementing this technically challenging report. "We at BMW Group are very pleased to receive the Grand ARC Award in our anniversary year. Because BMW has the same high, exacting standards in our digital reporting as we have for our automobiles and services, EQS Group, with its cutting-edge solutions, is the right partner for realizing our interactive annual report. With its animated functionality and interaction, the digital report we've created together offers BMW readers real value," says Christian Finkenzeller of the BMW Group.

    January 17, 2017
    January 17, 2017