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    Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG, for the purpose of the whitepaper, ESG, CSR and sustainability are used interchangeably) issues are becoming increasingly important factors to regulators, corporations, and investors in forming policies, corporate strategy, and investment decisions. The scope of ESG has also expanded - from simply being a beneficial "add-on", to a simple "go-green" movement, to now encompassing an array of different issues. As sentiments shift, corporations would benefit from paying more attention to their ESG communications. ESG is no longer just a hot topic in the world of public relations. Investors, shareholders, and rating agencies are increasingly concerned about corporations’ ESG practices. Without proper ESG guidelines, lacking ESG protocols, and insufficient board and management levels' engagement, many corporations and companies are exposed to significant operational and financial risks, which often lead to sustainable growth.

    Our latest white paper aims to highlight why U.S. based IROs should act today, in close collaboration with internal corporate ESG task forces (the management, the board, the ESG department, and corporate communications), to enhance ESG communication protocols with their respective investors. For the second part of this paper, we collaborate with SustainAbility, a leading think tank and advisory firm that has recently researched how corporate Sustainability and Investor Relations teams can collaborate, in order to provide our readers with practical guidance on getting started and enhancing their current program.

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    May 19, 2017
    May 19, 2017