This year, more than 150 IR professionals attended the Wisdom Summit in Taipei to get the most recent IR updates and insights from local and global perspectives. Below are key takeaways the EQS team believe would be valuable for IR professionals who were unable to attend the event. 

TWSE Takes a Stand on Digital Communication

Mr. Chi-Hien Lee, President of Taiwan Stock Exchange, gave updates about recent changes in Taiwan’s market regulations. He also spoke about the development of TWSE’s “WebPro 3.0 Video Broadcast”, which strengthened TWSE’s position as an innovative institution and their continuous support of the trend towards digital investor relations.

Digital Investor Relations Plays a Key Part in any Holistic Communication Strategy

During our panel discussion of “IR Trends 2017: Challenges and Opportunities”, Cathay Securities’ Ms. Samantha Chu shared her experience in dealing with FINI (Foreign Institutional Investors) and their demand for more accessibility to the company’s management suites as well as constant disclosure of information. KPMG’s Dr. Niven Huang spoke about differences between the EPS and ESG paradigms said that intangible assets took 84% of S&P 500’s market value in 2015. Thus, IROs should also pay attention to non-financial information disclosure, especially when more and more institutional investors are shifting their investment strategy in favor of companies focused on sustainability. At the end of the panel discussion, both Ms. Chu and Dr. Huang stressed the importance of information disclosed on a company’s website and further suggested that IROs should consider their IR website as an essential part of IR Communication Strategy. This conclusion was also echoed by other panel discussions during the day, including best practice examples of IROs from China Life, E. Sun Financial Holding, and

EQS is once again a key sponsor of the Investor Relations Wisdom Summit organized by Ipreo. This is the fifth year the day-long educational program takes place in Asia, and same as the previous year EQS moderates one of the panels.

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