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    Boost ESG Returns Using Digital and Social

    ESG is a topic on many radars in the corporate world – both internally, and externally. With increasing pressure from the investment community, ESG reporting is not just a best practice, but an invaluable tool in communicating short and long-term strategy and value drivers to your investors. With the use of digital tools and reporting solutions, ESG communications go farther, reach more investors, and have exponentially more impact.

    This December, we hosted a two-part webinar with our partners G&S Business Communications and BSI. We focused on ESG, how digital solutions can leverage strategy, and how investor relations teams can improve their ROI on their ESG activities.

    If you missed it, you can find it here:

    ESG Reporting Is a Process, and It’s Never Too Late to Start

    • Set your ESG goals and prioritize what to tackle – do you have any strengths, or vulnerabilities?
    • Identify what metrics and industries are material to your business and select a reporting framework
    • Learn about what your peers are doing, benchmark, understand what you can do to stand out
    • Involve necessary stakeholders (e.g. board members, compliance, marketing, governance teams) and communicate your strategy so that your clients, shareholders, and personnel can be on board

    ESG Will Help You Stand Out

    • ESG is a dashboard for long-term risk: large institutional investors are increasingly demanding information on ESG, as this can have a clear material impact on performance (and their portfolio)
    • By identifying and managing ESG metrics that are significant in your industry, you can be aware of and mitigate you risk landscape
    • Consistency and alignment in your business strategy and ESG presence creates a more compelling and transparent picture for your investors

    Online Tools Will Only Help You – Get a Digital ESG Report

    • Integrate your annual and ESG reports into a digital format to increase exposure and consolidate your communication efforts across all reporting channels
    • Share your digital product on social media, with stakeholders, and in other areas online – a hyperlink is much easier to circulate than physical documents or a PDF attachment
    • With a digital format, track analytics to better understand the interests and user experience of your audience (i.e. shareholders, analysts) – What are people reading? What are they downloading? Where is traffic originating?
    • Visualize your data in an intuitive way through graphics and digital tools, but also provide financials and other data in a downloadable Excel format to enhance utility

    Want to learn more about digital reporting best practices? Check out our earlier blog post on ESG reporting.

    December 19, 2017
    December 19, 2017