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    Best of 2018 Annual Reporting Season

    We’re proud of what we accomplished in the 2018 Annual Reporting Season. Take a look at our favorite digital reports and get behind-the-scenes insights from our HQ in Munich.


    For our Project Managers, Developers, Content Managers, and Designers, annual reporting season is one of the most intense and busy times of the year. Within a span of just a few weeks, they create digital masterpieces that showcase our client’s annual business achievements in an interactive and entertaining way. Let’s take a look at three of our favorite accomplishments of this year’s reporting season.

    State-Of-The-Art Digital Features: 2017 Integrated Annual Report, Geberit

    2017 Annual Report Geberit-Screens-on-devices

    Geberit’s complete digital report with all its features is accessible not only on computers but also on mobile devices.

    • Financial numbers in an easy-to-digest manner: The integrated annual report combines financial reporting as well as CSR elements. For Geberit, user experience and maximum visualization of the report were paramount. Foregoing simply presenting large amounts of text and numbers, the report integrates interactive elements, such as interactive charts, diagrams, and a custom materiality analysis feature to help illustrate key financial figures and developments in a visually interesting and comprehensive way.
    • Sharing Knowledge: A special focus of this year’s digital report was on Geberit’s support of sanitary professionals all over the world. To get detailed insights on the new educational initiative at Geberit, an interactive “Sharing Knowledge” section was created to illustrate customer trainings in South Africa, UK, and Germany.2017 Annual Report Geberit-Sharing-Knowledge

    The interactive Sharing Knowledge section shares detailed insights on the new educational initiative at Geberit.

    • Overview, first – more detail, second: The report was developed to be appealing to a large group of stakeholders, so that analysts, investors, customers, and employees alike could benefit from presented content. Every chapter of the report offers an initial summary of most important key facts. Those who want to dig deeper then have the opportunity to get more detailed information by diving deeper into the report’s contents. Particular highlights are the “Insights ‘17” chapter, which includes an interactive annual review of the 2017 year, and the “Essentials of the Year” section on the start page.

    See the full report here:

    Showcasing Innovation: The 2017 BMW Digital Report

    2017 Annual Report BMW-Mobility-of-Future

    A high-resolution video slider invites users to explore the image stories chapter.

    • Focus on E-mobility: By presenting featured stories on the four BMW electric car models, BMW i Vision Dynamics, BMW i3s, BMW i8 Roadster, and MINI Electric Concept, the 2017 Digital Report showcases the latest trends in design and engineering when it comes to e-mobility. A high-resolution video slider showing electric cars in action invites users to explore the image stories chapter. The concept for the report was formed by design agency hw.d, and technically implemented by EQS Group.2017 Annual Report BMW-Animated-SVG

    Showcasing financial key figures in an interactive way.

    • "At a Glance”: Users who seek an overview of the most important figures of the financial year can view the “Financial year 2017 At a Glance” chapter before diving into an in-depth analysis. The lightweight SVG browser animation which mimics the speedometer of a car visualizes the most important key figures of the year as part of an interactive “slide show”.
    • Create Your Own Report: Apart from being able to download the complete annual report as a PDF, users can also generate individual offline versions of the financial report with selected sections.

    See the report here:

    Taking A Look Behind the Curtain: The Bertelsmann 2017 Annual Report

    2017 Annual Report Bertelsmann-Video-Hover-Effect

    By hovering the mouse over the world map, additional materials are highlighted.

    • Providing Insights: Bertelsmann’s digital report provides the opportunity to discover the company’s working areas, “Media”, “Services”, “Education”, and “Investment”, in a more detailed and interactive way. For example, the “Media” section invites users to learn more about the product world of the publishing house. By hovering the mouse over the world map, additional materials, such as video trailers, interviews, book facts or weblinks, are highlighted.
    • Clean, but not Boring: This year’s annual report combines a clear and simple design with custom interactive and animated elements. These elements, such as the turning globe at the “Entrepreneurship and Creativity” landing page, or the digit tickers, serve to grab user attention and encourage further engagement with the report. Interactive elements, such as high charts with financial figures that appear with mouse hover-over, help illustrate specific data.2017 Annual Report Bertelsmann-High-Charts

    High Charts in the Bertelsmann Annual Report.

    See the report here:

    And the winner is: Find out which of our digital annual reporting projects have received an ARC Award and LACP Vision Award in 2018

    For teams everywhere, the workload within the brief annual reporting season is tremendous. In our Munich office, 30 of our team members worked more than 4,500 hours to finalize 9 state-of-the-art annual reports for clients across Germany and Switzerland. To manage this challenging undertaking, we leveraged our global teams, engaging four of our expert developers from Kochi, India for on-site support in our Bavarian headquarters. Thanks to team spirit and passion, we delivered all our digital annual reports in time, and with great results for our clients.


    Nonetheless, we did face a number of “obstacles” during the creation phase. For instance, our trusted pizza supplier closed operations at the peak of reporting season (#pizzaincident). In addition, some of our colleagues had to spend a few sleepless nights at the office. Despite the challenging weeks, we are very proud of the results we have achieved.

    While we are now enjoying the temporary calm of post-annual reporting season in our Munich office, our colleagues in Russia and Asia are still working on 25 annual reports that will be published soon. We are looking forward to seeing the products of their hard work and hope that they won’t be affected by a #pizzaincident scenario.

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    May 29, 2018
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