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    Meet This Year’s Digital Annual Report Winners

    And the winner is...Find out which of our digital annual reporting projects have received an ARC Award and LACP Vision Award this year.


    Companies around the world use digital annual reports to showcase their annual business achievements in an interactive and user-friendly way. Each year, the most innovative digital masterpieces are honored by the juries of the LACP Vision Awards and the ARC Awards. More than 1,000 annual report submissions are judged every year, and we are very proud to say that our client’s reports are always among the winners. So, let’s take a look at some of the projects that were able to impress the LACP and ARC juries this reporting season.

    Highlights of the 2017 Annual Reporting Season: Top Winners at the LACP and ARC Awards

    With a total of 7 ARC Awards, the 2017 Annual Report from China Telecom clearly stood out from the crowd. Following the overarching theme of “Co-building our Smart Future”, the online report was constructed to replicate a cube of Tetris pieces. The cube represented the relationship between China Telecom and its many external stakeholders. By “deconstructing” the cube into its various fragments, visitors can experience the “building blocks” of company reporting, such as financial key figures, ESG reporting, or Corporate Governance reporting.

    Another great achievement for our Hong Kong colleagues is the digital annual report created for China Unicom. The multi-award-winning report features a galactic theme with numerous interstellar highlights, such as asteroids, constellations, black holes, and stellar nebula. A 360° visual environment invites the user to move through “space” and to discover the facts, figures, and innovative ideas of China Unicom.

    2017 Annual Report Aeroflot

    Looking at the Russian annual reporting landscape, Rostelecom’s colorful rreport was honored with an award of the highest Platinum category at the LACP awards. The report’s main focus was on the company’s digital projects, which were visualized through the implementation of extensive 3D graphics. Additional lucky winners in the region are Aeroflot, with its annual report  featuring  an animated main page with full-screen dynamic images, as well as the HMS Group with their report titles “Well Balanced Management” which presents key messages and themes via unique images, such as a color-changing mandala, on the main page, and also throughout the report.

    2017 Annual Report Geberit Sharing-Knowledge

    Among our European projects, Geberit was honored with 2 “Golden Moments” this year for its state-of-the-art integrated annual report, which featured a special interactive “Sharing Knowledge” section. In addition, BMW Group’s digital report, which focused on e-mobility, took its former position on the winner’s podium once again. To take a closer look at our 2018 annual reporting highlights from Germany and  Switzerland (and to get behind-the-scenes insights from our EQS headquarters about reporting season) read our earlier article.

    Get an Overview of All EQS’ Award-Winning Digital Reports

    Annual Report Aeroflot  Aeroflot Group PJSC (Russia) 1 x LACP Gold

    1 x ARC Bronze

    Annual Report Bank Saint Petersburg Bank Saint Petersburg (Russia) 1 x LACP Gold
    Annual Report Bertelsmann  Bertelsmann SE (Germany) 1 x LACP Gold
    Annual Report BMW  BMW Group (Germany) 1 x LACP Silver

    1 x ARC Gold

    Annual Report China Telecom  China Telecom (Hong Kong) 4 x ARC Gold, 1 x ARC Silver, 1 x ARC Honors
    Annual Report China Unicom  China Unicom (Hong Kong) 3 x LACP Gold, 1 x LACP Silver

    1 x ARC Gold

    Annual Report CITIC  CITIC Limited (Hong Kong) 1 x LACP Silver

    1 x ARC Gold, 1 x ARC Honors

    Annual Report Geberit  Geberit AG (Switzerland) 1 x LACP Gold

    1 x ARC Gold

    Annual Report Hannover Re  Hannover Re (Germany) 1 x ARC Silver
    Annual Report HMS Group  HMS Group PJSC (Russia)  

    1 x ARC Honors

    Annual Report Pacific Basin  Pacific Basin Shipping (Hong Kong) 1 x ARC Silver
    Annual Report Rostelecom  Rostelecom PSCJ (Russia) 1 x LACP Platinum
    Annual Report SAFMAR SAFMAR (Russia) 1 x LACP Gold

    Please note that some reports have received awards in multiple categories.

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    August 23, 2018
    August 23, 2018